Corporate services offered by Mediscreen Clinic in Hawthorn

We can offer your workplace vaccinations for your staff. Charges start at only $20 per vaccine for companies that organise group sessions with us. We can provide you with flu vaccinations, pre-employment medicals, work cover consultations and travel Vaccinations. We can also provide general health checks, Pap Smears and other preventative health checks. Call us at (03) 9822 3105 to see what deal we can offer.

Corporate flu vaccines

We can offer your workplace vaccinations for your staff. We charge only $20 per vaccine for companies that organise group sessions with us. 

In 2016 Mediscreen Clinic will be providing the new 4 strain flu vaccine to provide you with the best protection.

The department of health is encouraging all workplaces to take influenza seriously and offer workplace vaccinations to staff.  The immunisation should be offered as part of workplace prevention program which encourages staff to practice good hygiene at the workplace. The close proximity and number of people entering a workplace makes it the ideal place to share contagious diseases such as the flu. For more information go to

Pre-employment medicals

These are an integral part of any hiring of new employees. You can ensure the potential employees have the requirements to fulfil the physical and psychological demands of the job.

You can provide your own pre-employment medical form for the doctors to complete or use our standard form.

We can usually accommodate the appointment within 24hrs and fax you the report for a quick turnaround of your employment of new staff.

Workcover consultations

Should an employee become injured at work we are available to take work cover claims.

If you have an urgent injury that requires treatment come straight into the clinic.We have a nurse on hand and a fully stocked treatment room to treat injuries as soon as you arrive. Phone ahead so we can prepare for your arrival.

For non urgent workcover appointments we can usually accommodate you on the day or at a time that is convenient for you. Just phone the clinic to make an appointment.

We have InjuryNET trained practitioners at our clinic.

Travel vaccinations

Sending your staff overseas? We can provide them with the most up to date travel advice and vaccinations for their overseas trips. We have a fully stocked vaccine fridge so the vaccines can be administered at the appointment. We are a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinic.

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